About us

DITH Refractories (formerly known as Duferco Refractories) was formed in 1999 and is the specialised brand applied by the DITH Group for its production and distribution of refractory products.

The roots of the success of DITH Refractories lies in its two decades of experience in key sectors such as steel, non-ferrous metals, and cement and lime. Over 450 customers worldwide rely on the DITH Refractories brand and product range.

The quality of DITH Refractories products is constantly monitored by a team of specialised ‘in-house’, Duferco engineers coordinated by the DITH Beijing office and the Duferco Head Office in Lugano (Switzerland) to ensure that the product portfolio is constantly monitored and evolved to meet the most exacting demands of the industry. Over the years DITH / Duferco has built strong commercial relationships by supporting the leading Chinese producers with both capital investment and the exchange of technical and operational expertise.
The products are developed in Switzerland and manufactured in China.

As a result of these strong partnerships, DITH Refractories has the exclusive right to source and distribute refractory products from a selected number of its preferred high quality Chinese producers.

Both DITH Refractories and all its producers are ISO accredited (9001:2015). DITH Refractories supports its customers by providing:

  • a team of experienced Sale Engineers who are involved throughout all stages with technical support starting from product selection to the analysis of results.
  • a strong logistics network to ensure on-time cost effective deliveries.
  • strategically maintained stocks held close to core markets that are available for special delivery conditions or immediate transit in response to customers’ urgent requests.

DITH Refractories has a complete range of refractory products of the highest quality suitable for modern industry. We listen carefully to the needs and performance expectations of our customers and, in response, we provide the correct and most economic lining solutions.

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